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Fifth Capital is a Think Tank and Leadership Counsel providing Thought Leadership to government and enterprise in support of an integrative approach to Wealth Creation and Sustainability across Economic, Social and Political capital domains - Broad Wealth.

Fifth Capital’s capabilities in providing Economic and Strategic advice are founded upon experience of working with organisations ranging from Governments and Multilaterals, such as the World Bank, ADB, OECD and UN, through to MNEs.

Within a globalised political economy characterised by complexity the sustainability of the effort to create wealth rests on maintaining an equilibrium between Shareholders and Stakeholders.

Strategies for wealth creation that do not account for social or political affects reflect neither the multi-dimensional engagement of risk experienced by stakeholders nor the variance in weighting ascribed across outcomes.

The Group’s capabilities are further supported by its subsidiary undertaking - The Bank of Broad Wealth - focused on leadership communication and the management of corporate identity.


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research demonstrates that whereas experts define risk in a narrow, technical way the public has a richer, more complex view that incorporates value-laden considerations such as equity, catastrophic potential and controllability. The issue is not whether these are legitimate, rational considerations but how to integrate them into risk analyses and policy decisions



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