Neuroscience & Big Data

It is well established, despite the advances made, that the use of ‘mathematisations’ that attempt to describe complex, chaotic systems suffers from a number of constraints necessitating the use of simplifying assumptions.

The use of such models, further, often has little if any empirical support from Psychology in that they fail to take into account the role of varied social norms and cultural values and whose effects play key roles, in the face of the uncertainties attendant to the use of model output, in the exercise of judgement.

It is critical to bring into relief the uncertainties inherent in the use of such approaches in order to bring into relief the uncertainties inherent when dealing with Bounded Rationality. As such, in order to provide for a unified approach to the risks being undertaken by any enterprise in its wealth creating activities, Fifth Capital promotes the importance of communication in the derivation and management of stakeholder mandates that integrate quantitative and behavioural risk considerations that minimise Brand risk.





not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts



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