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The Bank of Broad Wealth Limited

Brand Management & PR

An organization's brand is fundamental in describing its identity, mediating the mutual relationship between shareholders and stakeholders and communicating the values that govern it’s response to risk, i.e., the opportunities and dangers attendant to the pursuit of wealth creation.

An organization attempts to communicate its identity through its brand - the association of images and words with an idea, expectation or experience. From a stakeholder’s viewpoint, an organisation’s products or services and its identity are viewed holistically and its reputation comprises the coherence over time between the transmission of its identity and each audience’s interpretation or experience thereof.

As such, the brand should avoid establishing an identity that is unsustainable either as an act of self-legitimation or in response to false demands. A brand not perceived as honest damages an organization’s reputation through raising stakeholder expectations to undeliverable levels; it is equally incumbent upon stakeholders (both internal and external) to take responsibility for acting with regard for the values, capabilities and limitations that support an organization’s identity.


The management of brand includes the management of communication as necessary for managing an equilibrium between an organisation, its shareholders and stakeholders in order to minimise opportunities for the realisation and, if necessary, to maximise opportunities for the resolution of conflict - whether manifested in the form of a short term ‘complaint’ or as longer term ‘negative crowd formation’.




the essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions

Donald Calne


Important Notice

The use of the name ‘The Bank of Broad Wealth’ has been approved by the Sensitive Business Names authorisation department of the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK subject to it being made clear that the business is not authorised by the Bank of England Prudential Regulation Authority or the Financial Conduct Authority to accept deposits.


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