Global Capability

Fifth Capital’s capabilities are founded upon experience of working with organisations ranging from Governments and Multilaterals, such as the World Bank, ADB, OECD and UN, through to MNEs.

The group has particular expertise in providing strategic and economic advice in respect of multi-stakeholder engagements, managing the equilibrium required between Economic, Social and Political needs to maximise wealth creation and sustainability.

The team’s practical, front line experience combined with interdisciplinary academic research activities in Economics and Psychology places it at the forefront of addressing and accounting for the cultural and other behavioural influences present at the interface of economic decision-making and the broader considerations of societal well being.

Over the years, Fifth Capital has worked on a number of assignments. Here are some examples:

i.    Government and Multilaterals

High level (ministerial) speaker and contributor to OECD programme on Corporate Governance with a focus on Financial Institutions

Contributor to UN projects/publications on Corporate Social Responsibility & Responsible Investment, Sustainability and the Green Economy

ii.    Financial Institutions

Savings & Investment Platforms: design of integrated marketing, performance and governance architecture (featured in the FT)

Alternatives & Hedge Funds: structuring of governance platform for the consolidation of the sub-US$1bn AUM independent funds sector

Panel member at Superhedge Frankfurt on Risk Management

Contributor on Brand Management to IFR and the US Managed Funds Association Reporter  

Private Banking: industry & strategic analysis of Eastern European Private Banking markets

Consumer Finance: industry & strategic analysis of Polish market

Insurance Markets: industry & strategic analysis of Russian Market

Commercial Banking: industry & strategic analysis of Chinese regional banking sector

iii.   Industrials

Tyre and Rubber Recycling: Brazil and the Global Market

Building Products: the European Market

Real Estate investment: Residential, Brownfield & Commercial